What is Healing & Transformation?

  When you are challenged with an illness you may ponder the question - What does it mean to heal? Perhaps you may think that healing is a return to the previous state of health. If this was a good state then it may be optimal to return to, if possible.

  What do you do when you are confronted with a chronic illness that may improve a little but not resolve entirely? How do you heal from that place? The word “health” is derived from the Anglo Saxon, Hal, which means, “heal” and “whole”. A simple definition of healing is “to make whole”.

  In this light, the way we achieve wholeness is by coming into relationship with all parts of ourselves. The same root word that gives us heal and whole also gives us holy, therefore adding the spiritual dimension to healing. The term holistic healing is defined as a person’s emotional, mental, spiritual and soul self returns to wholeness. Healing is an ongoing process that requires each individual to take responsibility for their own healing as well as being in relationship with a healer who is a consultant and guide also on the path towards wholeness.

  Authentic healing often requires changes in your lifestyle and thought process. Attitudes and habits will gently shift that no longer serve you and will be replaced by new perspectives that encourage health. When we look at healing with this perspective, illness becomes a crucial effort to reach for increased wholeness of spirit rather than a disruption of life. When we listen very closely to our bodies and emotions we receive clues as to what may be out of balance or out of relationship in our lives.

  Receiving this information nonjudgmently and with kindness will lead us to the correct modalities and choices that create transformationto occur. In my healing work I use a synergistic approach to healing encompassing several modalities. This integration of approaches supports the individual’s healing journey and many clients report making progress very quickly. This reconnection of mind, body and soul is the essence of healing. It is a process that reaches deeply into your being so that your body is brought into greater synchrony with the larger whole of which you are a part.

  Adopting the paradigm that illnesses are not obstacles in our lives but rather opportunities to move forward and heal ourselves brings us to more wholeness. Non Dual Kabbalistic Healing has offered me such deep insight in how we live our lives and how we can return to wholeness. This is the foundation of all my healing sessions as it works with you to reach the core of your authentic truth. Non-dual healing works at the place of wholeness which already exists including the physical, emotional and spiritual.

  The answer to wholeness is in our lounging, to be still, to listen to what is calling out to you. Non Dual Kabbalistic Healing integrates the wisdom of Buddhism, understanding of non-duality within the wisdom of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life along with modern psychological insight. It is a unique and compassionate healing paradigm that is based on having a dynamic and awake relationship with Reality As It Is.

  Let me define the term non dual. Most of us often consider our lives to be separate, separate from other people, from nature and animals. This dualistic version of ego-mind which we need to some degree to survive can also cause quite a bit of suffering. However in learning about non dual wisdom and receiving Kabbalistic healing we can grow and live in life with increased peace and ease.

  When teaching mindfulness meditation I often use an analogy of ocean waves in the context of the breath moving in and out of the body. Waves arise out of the ocean, hit the shore and then what occurs? Where do they return, back into the ocean. Noting that waves are not separate from the ocean, that our breath is not separate from our being we can take this a step further and note that all life is beautifully connected. Non Dual Kabbalistic Healing, developed by modern Kabbalist and healer Jason Shulman, returns us to the rectified relationship between aspects of the Tree of Life (a template for our humanness). It teaches us that part of ourselves that were split off during childhood and adolescence can be invited to return to the whole. Meaningful transformation occurs as we welcome back those 'split off' parts of ourselves. Non-dual Healing is a powerful path to facilitating deep foundational change - both internally within ourselves, and externally in all areas of our life.

  Working within this paradigm, we learn to relate to ourselves and our difficulties in a new and compassionate way. We grow in wisdom and deepen our capacity for life. Whether our suffering is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, each session creates space for growth and a deepening of awareness. Although a complete recovery may not occur I have found that healing into wholeness begins to take place offering us a place of comfort and strength to live our lives the best we can.

Consider these questions :

  • Do you want to live your life with a sense of peace and equanimity?
  • Are you challenged with physical problems - chronic pain or illness?
  • Do you want to be free from self limiting beliefs and live your life from your authentic self?
  • Do you want to improve your relationships?
If so, I invite you to schedule an appointment to continue your healing journey.