4 Inspirations for a Life with Ease

Do you long to live life with more ease? My work is all about creating peace and kindness in life. At the Center for Healing Journeys and Sarah's Essence Aromatherapy the intention is similar.  I have created some tips to help you along this journey.

I invite you to take my Challenge to create a peace filled life and try out these practices for the next 21 days. My aim is to support you in achieving a relaxed way of being. To move through life well seated in your true essence.

Let's begin with arising in the morning. Think for a moment how you awaken. Does the alarm ring, startling you and you jump out of bed? Do you naturally wake up? What is the feel of waking.

Upon waking, I first bring mindful awareness to my breath, how is it in this moment? Then I bring attention to my body, how does it feel? I gently begin to move and stretch while still in bed. By waking in this way you invite mindful awareness into your day. I slowly move out of bed, greet my dog, Lucy who is very happy and excited that a new day is beginning.

I then take a shower. In the shower once again bring mindful attention to the temperature of the water and how it feels on your skin. Have you noticed the scent of the soap or shampoo? Feel yourself as you wash. Let all thoughts and the 'to-do' list remain outside the shower and make this time just for YOU!

I then of course, dry off and apply Sarah's Essence jojoba moisturizer or healing balm. If I am very dry I use the healing balm for my entire body, if not I often use it only on dry areas and use the jojoba for my body and always on my face. As you apply the moisturizer do it as you were giving yourself a massage with loving kindness and gratitude for your body, mind and spirit. Take some time to inhale the aroma you have chosen.

Have a beautiful day!

Inspiration #2

 We began with waking up gently and kindly so let us move on to mindful eating.

Take a moment to describe your experience of breakfast.

    Do you eat breakfast?
    If so do you sit down?
    Are you reading or watching TV while you eat?
    Are you aware of what you are eating?

Begin with choosing to eat a mindful breakfast in a relaxed way. Why? This continues your intention for living with ease.

Some suggestions:                                                                                                                                                                                           Notice the look, smell, taste, feel of the food you’re eating.
    How it makes you feel as you taste it, as you digest it, and throughout the day.
    How full (or sated) you are before, during and after eating.
    Your emotions during and after eating.
    Where the food came from, who might have grown it, whether it was grown organically, how much it was processed, how much it was fried or overcooked, etc.

Mindful eating is can be very pleasant once we become used to it. At first you may find it difficult to just eat! Especially if you are used to multi tasking. Choose consciously what you will have for breakfast. Place it on your table and take your seat. If you are eating with others then become aware of the people that are sitting around you. Be aware of the food on your plate. Perhaps say a prayer of gratitude for this food. Upon taking the first bite, notice its color, texture, the smell and where it was grown, etc.

When you chew it, we know that you are chewing. It's very simple. You are now eating your food with mindfulness.
Let me know your experience of mindful eating!  You can practice this at any meal, with a snack or a cup of tea or coffee.

Inspiration # 3

OK, so now you have woken up, eaten breakfast and began your day. What's next? How do you continue to be mindful throughout the day?

If you have a mindfulness meditation practice you will know that perhaps you have taken the time in the morning to sit. This is an excellent way to start the day. Mindfulness meditation is a profound practice that offers us tools to stay mindful most of the time. If you have not learned mindfulness meditation, I offer it for individuals and you can begin any time. Usually 6-8 sessions is all you need to truly begin to become aware in your life. On-going sessions are also always available.

A great way to check in with yourself is to find some cues to stop. If you work in an office and listen to all the phones, sounds of emails or texts coming in then use them as a reminder to stop for a moment and notice your breath. How is it? What's your stress level?  A terrific way to use the power of aroma here is to carry an aroma inhaler or botanical perfume with you. Inhale deeply this aroma you have chosen to relax to such as Lavender Harmony, Relax, Tranquility, Anxiety Ease (many to choose from) at

Breathe in deeply several times and let yourself settle.

If you are not in a work environment then use waiting in line, at traffic stops any chance you have to STOP and check in.

Taking Mindful Breath breaks act like mini vacations and stop the rising of stress levels.

May you be blessed with a mindful day!

Inspiration #4

You now have practices for awakening, eating mindfully, mindful breath breaks and we will finish with a practice for peaceful sleep.

Before going to bed give yourself some YOU time.

Draw a bath. Create a beautiful soothing ambiance by lighting some natural candles, and put on relaxing and calming music. Just before stepping into the bath add Sarah's Essence Bath Salts. Soak for 10 -15 minutes no more as you will negate what you are wanting to achieve and that is to be in a blissful state.

Connect with your body, mind and essence of who you are. Take some breaths and bring gentle awareness to the lovely scent, the temperature of the water, how your body feels to be soaking, do your arms float a bit? Invite yourself to just BE in this moment with THIS experience. Make this a regular practice, it is so important that we honor and acknowledge our whole being.

After your bath gently and lovingly apply your favorite Sarah's Essence Jojoba or Healing Balm. As you do repeat this mantra, intention whatever you want to call it ~ I am in bliss, my body, mind and soul are blissfully relaxed and connected. I am ready to experience a beautiful peaceful sleep... OR you may like to use your own words.

Stay in bliss and may you be blessed with a peace filled nights rest.

* Of course, you may not be able to treat yourself to a bath each evening. To replace the bath I suggest applying Sarah's Essence Jojoba moisturizer to your face, neck and wherever else you please as you deeply inhale the aroma using the intention for peaceful sleep.(suggestions for sleep are Sweet Dreams,Lavender Rosewood, Relax, Deep Peace, or Comfort.

Share your experience at Sarah's Essence and Cindy Wolk-Weiss, Center for Healing Journeys FB pages  I love hearing from you.
** remember to practice all for 21 days!