Spiritual Solutions in Uncertain Times: Antidotes to Fear and Anxiety

Spiritual Solutions in Uncertain Times: Antidotes to Fear and Anxiety

We all know that stress is an inevitable part of life. At times stress is helpful, it motivates us to change and to grow. However, chronic, unrelieved stress can undermine physical, emotional and spiritual health. Studies have clearly documented the connection with stress and illness.

We are experiencing times of uncertainty and we tend to react with anxiety and fear. You do not have to react in this way. Tools are available to us like mindfulness that offer ways of responding that are constructive. Remember that all things come and go, nothing remains constant for long. When we deeply know this truth we can lighten up a bit. This means that we still take action but the action taken is out of love and the heart space rather than fear or anger.

Stress related illnesses can show up in headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, panic attacks, sleep disturbances and heart disease. This overload of the stress response can also manifest as anxiety disorders, depression, stomachaches and generally not feeling good about who you are.

So what can you do to relax? Stress is our response to a situation in  which we perceive a threat to ourselves. What is stressful to one person may not be to another. Recognize what you can actually change and what you cannot.

Discover the strategies that work for your needs, interests and lifestyle.
Here are some suggestions . . .

  • Mindfulness- Learn Mindfulness Meditation with a trained instructor. Mindfulness is being awake to this moment instead of racing through your day and never fully being present to now. Make each moment sacred. When washing the dishes bring full awareness to washing, the feel of the soap, temperature of the water. Or bring your awareness to the preparation of a meal , feeling gratitude for this food, how it feels to be mixing or chopping, breath and allow yourself to just be fully with the moment of making a meal. Perhaps before eating you might light a candle, use a cloth napkin, shut off the TV, put away the newspaper or cell phone and say a blessing for the food you are about to consume and make a connection to where it came from. Relax and enjoy this meal. Allowing yourself to just BE, to Be Here Now with your breath. Meditation has an effect that induces a profound state of relaxation. It can decrease blood pressure, slow heart rates and allow clear thinking. When the mind quiets down it allows you to connect to the inner sense of peace and well being that is always present within.
  • Imagery - using the imagination to create a restful place. Visualize yourself in a positive, safe place and engage as many senses as possible. What does this place look like, what are the colors, smells, sounds and feelings here? You may imagine yourself at the beach, in the mountains, wherever you feel safe and relaxed.
  • Receive an energy healing session-Balances body, mind and spirit with a light healing touch.
  • Exercise - especially yoga, tai chi, dancing and walking. Make it fun and light, as this will add joy to your life!
  • Humor and laughter-found to decrease production of stress hormones. Perhaps watch a funny movie or play a game.
  • Massage-truly a wonderful way to release physical and emotional stress
  • BREATHE-you may not be able to control a situation, however you can control your response. Take a full deep breath all the way down to your belly, then blow out the air as if you were blowing out many birthday candles. Repeat several times then come to normal breathing and just notice the breath flowing in and out of your body. This makes physiological changes in your body and will result in increased homeostasis.
  •  Prayer-taking time to connect with your own spirituality.
  •  Take time for YOU-a soothing bath, reading a great book, or attending a workshop that supports you. Commit to yourself on a regular basis-put yourself in your appointment book and consider yourself your most important client.
  • Aromatherapy-there are essential oils that effect our limbic system The seat of memory and emotions in the brain) It is situated directly above the nose, the effects of inhaling the oils can be to de-stress and re-balance the energy in the body.
  • Reduce your consumption of the news. We can get hooked to constantly needing to watch the same information repeatedly. Yes, we need to be aware of what is occurring in the world yet not be consumed by it. Choose light programming when you are feeling overwhelmed

Pick one or two of the above items and do them for 2 weeks. Individual sessions are available to assist you along the way.