Creating Peace CD

by Cindy Wolk-Weiss

Awakening Your Heart - This meditation is based on traditional Buddhist loving kindness meditation. As we explore the depths of our hearts we begin to heal and gain great wisdom to live our lives with ease. Learn to nurture yourself and then expand this loving kindness to the world.

Sitting in Silence with Tibetan Bells - This is a half hour of sitting in silence. Created with Tibetan bells ringing at five minute intervals as a reminder to be here now with the breath and also to use as a timer if you choose shorter meditation times.

Being One with the Mountain - This guided meditation invites you to use the image of a mountain to assist you in your daily life to be grounded, centered, unchanged by the chaos around you. This meditation helps you to recall your own strength and deepen your calmness and equanimity as you go about living your life. This meditation was inspired by Cindy's visits to the Colorado Rockies where she enjoys nurturing her spirit.

$15 CD

The Healing Power of Mindful  Living Meditations plus Tranquility Meditation CD

by Cindy Wolk-Weiss

Track one - Guided Mindfulness Mediation - 21 minutes
Focuses on moment to moment awareness of the breath. This meditation when practiced on a regular basis has been demonstrated to reduce stress, deal effectively with chronic pain, migraines, panic and anxiety disorder, stress related illness, PMS, cancer, and the  lowering of blood pressure. Meditation teaches you how to access the wisdom and intuition within.

Track Two - Body Awareness Meditation- 24 minutes is designed to reconnect you to your body's inner wisdom. By paying attention, nonjudgementally to your body's messages you can gain powerful insights to assist your healing journey. Take this time to nourish yourself, to renew your energy and vitality.

Track Three: Tranquility Meditation - 12 minutes- Guided Imagery designed to promote relaxation - a mini vacation that you can come to regularly.

$15 CD


Ten Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle

Contains empowering ideas about exercise,nutrition, stress management and spirituality that all of us need to be reminded about everyday in regards to our health.Beginning with the first commandment, “Thou Shall Breath” and ending with Commandment X , “Thou Shall Remain Flexible”, Dr. Wolk-Weiss lays down the specific steps to help you create a healthier lifestyle. Each commandment is written from a holistic viewpoint and is filled with simple concepts that you can immediately implement into your life to initiate the process of change. The Ten Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle is concise and the type of book you will easily refer to over and over again to re-motivate yourself towards staying healthy.

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